Madingley American Cemetery - The Graves

Madingley American Cemetery contains over 3800 graves of American service men and women who died during the world war two era. Most of those buried at Madingley American Cemetery died in Europe, North Africa or the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and seas surrounding the British Isles. Officially called Cambridge American Military Cemetery , the site is the only World War Two American Military cemetery in the United Kingdom.

Cambridge American Cemetery - Visitors Building & Superintendent's Office

The three thousand eight hundred and nine headstones extend in a fan shaped arrangement outwards from the flag pole area. The graves are aligned in seven rows of concentric plots labeled A thru G. Each of the plots is enclosed by a boxwood hedge.

Every State of the Union is represented here, in addition the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. Graves of those who entered the United States armed forces from Canada, Chile, Denmark, England, Greece, Holland, Malta, Norway, Panama, Portugal and Scotland can also be found here.

Twenty four of the headstones mark the graves of those who could not be positively identified. There are also two graves which represent burials of two and three servicemen respectively.

The view of the graves from the Memorial Building entrance.

Rows of graves stretching out across the cemetery grounds as seen from the entrance to the Memorial Building.

Gravestones lit by the autumn sun, facing the flagpole.

Visitors wishing to find a particular grave at Madingley American Cemetery can find an alphabetical index located in the Visitors Building.

Rows of graves stand infront of the Memorial Building at Madingley American Cemetery. A Star of David headstone is seen in the foreground.
The grave of S.Sgt James Rowland - Madingley American Cemetery, Cambridgeshire England
A bed of red roses infront of the graves area.
Graves at Madingley American Cemetery
A line of graves at Madingley American Cemetery showing bare leaves on the trees in autumn time.